It’s that time of the year where we’re on a high with the cheer of the festive season – nothing is a worry, life is simple!  Big ambitious goals that we would maybe not make in say June, seem to roll off the tongue.

Along comes February and already we start to see cracks in achieving our resolution.  By the time March comes, we’re like ‘what new years resolution?’, ‘I didn’t say that!’. 

Why is it hard to continue a new year’s goal?  Think for a moment, when was the last time you achieved your new year’s goal?  If you’re thinking, ‘I always achieve my goal’, I’m sending you a big hi-five!  If you’re thinking, ‘mmm… good question…’, you’re not alone.

Having a new year’s goal can be motivating and inspiring. But let’s face it, we tend to go too hard too fast.  As much as we would love the idea of going to the gym every day, eating healthy every day and drinking 2L of water every day, it’s probably not going to happen all at once!

Scenario: My new year’s resolution is going to go to the gym and to eat healthy so i can feel strong and healthy.

Tip 1: Have specific but realistic goals to set yourself up for success.

Really, everyday?  Can you honestly say you are going to go to the gym every day?  That you’re going to eat healthy everything?  What about dessert on date night? Instead of every day, choosing a frequency that you know you’re going to achieve say, four days a week?  Once you have nailed the four days, move on to five.

Tip 2: Be flexible.

I can assure you that something is going to pop up unexpectedly, that will prevent you from your set plan. Don’t panic!  You have not failed! You have not wasted your time! Being able to be flexible is key to achieving your resolution! If something unexpected happened, tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day and you will pick it up from tomorrow.

Tip 3: Break it up.

Breaking up your goals into manageable chunks can be a useful way to ‘check-in’ and measure your success during the year.

I am not going to give up or stress when unexpected life events occur, I will continue with my plan the next day.

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